Melbourne Youngies ‘Around The World’ Fancy Dress

The Melbourne Youngies were proud to present the 2019 Fancy Dress with the theme ‘Around The World’. Doors opened at 6:30pm…The dining room was masterfully decorated as an African jungle, the foyer had a U.S.A. theme, Times Square\Fourth of July as well as a European styled mezzanine. We were treated to food from all over the world, with Nachos, Curry, Hot Dogs and many more options. The birthday cakes were devoured for dessert along with ice cream & sprinkles for the littlies.

In the Children’s Parade we saw and heard about all the costumes from the kids, some keen to speak others were intensely shy, but everyone got a chocolate! So much effort was put into the costumes… some were instantly recognisable… Statue of Liberty, The 3 Amigos, representatives from various European countries, an assortment of animals, ninjas and then others who were a tad more cryptic… such as, a lad who had a moustache and was carrying an Esky. Yes, he was an Eskimo! There was also family group who portrayed the phases of the moon… very clever!

There were plenty of activities to entertain throughout the evening, with a colouring in area, giant Jenga, table tennis and even a jumping castle! The big moment came when we sang happy birthday to our 21sters for 2019. We heard their testimonies of how God is real in their lives, bringing them though the vagaries of life to attain the big 21 milestone.

We had over 200 in attendance with visitors from afar. A huge thank you to everyone who made it happen, from food, drinks, lighting, set-up/pack-up; to the Young Revivalists who helped too. Fabulous to get the whole assembly together for a great time of fellowship.


Melbourne Youngies are the youth group of the Revival Centres Church in Melbourne; covering all three assemblies in Melbourne: Central, Southern and Western.

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