New Zealand Wellington Rally

We’ve just said our goodbyes after a marvellous weekend of fellowship in Wellington, New Zealand. The ministry was on point; the communal singing was heart-felt; the items were wonderful.

With so much going on in the Middle East, and generally around the place, it was such a blessing to gather with like-minded saints.

The theme of the Rally was broadly taken from the Gospel of Mark chapter 10:27, where Jesus said, “With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.”

Pastors from the North and South Islands, and Pastor Ewan from RCC Bendigo, ministered with great conviction relating that the wonder of being connected via the miracle of salvation, to the miracle working creator, is beyond extraordinary!

Pastor Simon, in the communion meeting, spoke about the need for all Spirit-filled people to keep the dream alive and shine the light – that only God can fix this deeply troubled world! He spoke from the book of Zechariah which pinpoints the build-up to the Lord’s return.

Thank you to Pastor Brett, Leslie and the Wellington assembly, for organising such an amazing occasion.

A wonderful time of consolidation and inspiration!

The Rally moves to Hawkes Bay in 2024.


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