Newcastle ‘Power of God’ NSW Convention

Over the recent October long weekend, Newcastle hosted the 2023 Rally. We were all extremely fortunate to find ourselves in the company of people who had travelled from all over Australia and New Zealand. Around 200 people met within the Newcastle City hall and heard various pastors preach from the Bible about the theme: ‘The Power of God.’

Everyone there was brimming with excitement to talk about scripture and testimonies. It was so easy to approach anyone and feel as though you were in the presence of family. A few people in attendance were new to Revival Centres Church, and this was their first ever rally. One said that he had found it extremely encouraging to be welcomed into conversation about God by people who had never met him. Another said he had decided over the course of the rally that he would like to be baptised. One of the men hired to work on the sound system expressed an interest in receiving the Holy Spirit and was given the address of the Newcastle hall so that he can continue to come along.

Below is a little taster of the thoughts and testimonies we were treated to. If you want to hear more, the rally meetings were all streamed and have been uploaded to the Revival Centres Facebook page.

These thoughts were given from scripture on the theme of the ‘Power of God’:

● Pr Graeme McKinstry

There are 3 words used in the Bible for ‘power’: ‘exousia’ (authority), ‘dunamis’ (miraculous power), ‘kratos’ (raw energy). We have both the exousia and the dunamis. We have authority in telling others about God and His instructions. We have miraculous powers to lay hands on the sick and see them healed. We have been given all the ability we could ever need to follow in God’s ways.

● Pr Joel Hulme

If we’re going to show any strength, might, or ability, it is all given to us from God. We were not called because we were anything special. We cannot accomplish God’s plan without His help. The more we lean on God and dwell in His might, the more we can do. God through Gideon used 300 to vanquish armies of hundreds of thousands. God knew human nature is to credit our own strength rather than His. If we feel we’re against the odds, we’re in the best position – because then we know we have to rely on God.

● Pr Justin Kells

God has given us the power to have peace of mind. Feed your mind with His word, rather than getting caught up in worrying about various causes. Perfect love casts out fear. In PNG the saints are doing very well and want to be remembered to us and they pray for us. Despite any cultural differences, the application of the word of God is the same.

● Pr Victor Samoilenko

Live your life today as if God is coming back today. Never lose your first love, and if you feel you have – make sure you fight very hard to get that back. The saints over in Malawi are becoming very self-sufficient. They are able to encourage each other well.

● Pr Steve McCauley

It is not wise to try to overcome obstacles the way we did before having the Holy Spirit. We have been bought with a price. Now that we are in the light, why walk around as if we’re in the dark? We need the humility to be able to accept God’s ways over our own. The story of Naaman shows us a man who wanted God to work according to his own thoughts, but was healed when he learnt this humility.

● Pr Martin Pree

We do not accomplish anything through our own wisdom. Our preaching is in demonstration of God’s power and God’s wisdom. There is no use in striving to be more clever than the person next to us.

● Pr Mike Dillon

We are not ashamed of the gospel, it is power to those that believe. God has not only given us the power of miracles, but also the power of having a vision and understanding of our future.

● Pr Brian Ferguson

In the story of Rahab, the Israelites tell her to gather her family into her house. When the walls of Jericho fall down, she has to trust that she will remain safe if she stays within her portion of these walls. It is important to trust our foundation in God, to be still and know who our God is. God knows us by name, and He has promised to keep and guard us through His power.

And a taster of some testimonies:

● Donna

When she was witnessed to, she was absolutely hooked by the idea of a God who heals (a God who demonstrates ‘power’). Her journey in receiving the Holy Spirit was about realising that she couldn’t earn her way into heaven. She learnt to let go, and she was filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues as God’s power came upon her.

● Pr Ewan Harris

He expressed that he feels very blessed that we can all access God’s power through our own personal relationship with God. We are all able to pray and learn scripture for ourselves, so that we can withstand the hard times through the connection with God that we individually forge.

● Pr Geoff Hulme

He talked about how he was healed of drug addiction straight away when he received the Holy Spirit. He also testified that he was told by health professionals when his son was born (Pr Joel Hulme) that he would have significant health issues including cerebral palsy. He and his wife had prayer and praise the lord for the miraculous health of their son.

● Nicole

She shared a very powerful testimony about how she came from hard circumstances to know God. It was wonderful to hear about the complete peace that God gave her in dire circumstances such as when her daughter broke her C2 vertebrae of her spine (and was healed) and when her daughter was 21 and diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (and survived).

● Georgina

She gave a really inspiring testimony about how when she cried out to God to show her the way, she was shown a way that matched up with everything she read in the Bible. Her stance on life was fantastic: If it’s in the Bible, it’s right. If not, it’s wrong.

Special shoutout to Tiana Durrant. She found out she was able to make it to camp a few days beforehand. She caught a train for 13 hours each way to attend the rally. Within those few days of knowing she would make it there, she willingly wrote a song to perform, agreed to help with back-up singing and kindly offered if there was anything else she could do to help at all. Her song is all about how God grounds us in our moments of weakness, so that we can do anything. It sounded stunning – check it out! How absolutely fantastic it will be in heaven when we can all be together for eternity. Praise the Lord.


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  1. Lorna Williams : October 6, 2023 at 3:29 pm

    Wonderful testimonies and hearing from the Pastors on how encouraging they are praise God

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