Norwich Quiz Night


Tracey from Norwich reports: On the evening of the 1st February 2012, Bible knowledge was tested to the maximum. Officiated by the quiz master, the structure of the evening was loosely based on the BBC television quiz show called the Eggheads, where a set of challengers set out to beat a team of renowned quiz masters called the Eggheads, the most formidable brains in quiz history.

It proved to be a very successful evening, the prize trophy (a large Chocolate bundle) was awarded to the winners (in this case the Eggheads – Avril, Bryan and Jarrod). However, it was not all plain sailing for the resident quiz champions, as the challengers (Suzi, Kate, Tracey and Ali) proved that they had what it takes to severely test the Eggheads, only losing by a narrow margin.

To sum up, we all went away with more knowledge about the Bible, especially in relation to Biblical genealogies, names of old testament prophets, Jesus, David, Moses and other similar topics. Thanks goes to Nat for organising a great evening and for testing our knowledge of the Bible.


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