Papua New Guinea Trip Report

Since 1988, 36 years have passed, and this is my 59th trip to the country. The fellowship and friendship of the Saints continue to amaze me.

On this trip, my travelling companions were Pastor Graeme McKinstry from RCC Dunedin (NZ) and Pastor Geoff Hulme from RCC Melbourne, who had just attended the Melbourne National Rally. 

They have travelled many times in the country.

This trip followed the National Zone Pastors’ Conference, which was held in Lae in February 2024.

It was organised because I had yet to attend the Vanimo Hall opening and travel via the coast to Sissano, Aitape, and Wewak.

We came to Wewak first for fellowship, leadership, and meetings. Catching up with the Saints was truly enjoyable.

Midweek Meeting Wewak
Wewak Sunday School

Following the coast, we headed to Aitape, where, once again, we experienced the joys of driving on dirt-bumpy roads filled with rock and potholes, where swaying from one side of the road to the other felt like being on a roller coaster. Graeme and Geoff, along with the rest of the crew, had it the hardest as they were in the back of the troop, whereas I had to stay in front with the driver as his wingman, and I never left his side.

Pastor Graeme opened the Wom hall to a fanfare of singing and praising the Lord as he cut the ribbon and unlocked the door, and fellowship took place. I love busting the balloons—but only the Blue Ones.

Three folk were baptised after the Wom meeting, and all received the Holy Spirit – speaking in tongues.

Baptisms at Wom

The roads are deteriorating rapidly, and boat and aviation fuel is in short supply. Due to the road condition, we had to cancel the road trip into Sissano and elect to go via boat. This could not happen as there was no boat fuel at all available in Aitape. So we had to go via road back to Wewak and catch a plane to Vanimo. This was also delayed due to the fuel shortage.

30 mins to dig us out
Umbrellas in PNG (look closely)

We finally got to Vanimo but sorry tru we could not get into Sissano.

We were able to get Pastor Vincent and his oversight into Vanimo as they had fuel.

There were fellowship, leadership meetings, outreach, hall openings, and finally, our meeting at the main hall on our last Sunday in the country. Pastor Geoff spoke on “Water, Blood, and Spirit” using a three-legged stool. It was well received, with yeas and nays from the congregation, including many children who sat on the floor near the pulpit.

To top it all off, we ended with another three baptisms—five from Jayapura travelled down to meet us. Two have already received the Holy Spirit and been baptised in water. Two ladies and a man were baptised in the Vanimo Bay, and all received the Holy Spirit. Hearing them go from Bahasa, Austronesian (sounds like Bahasa—English) straight into speaking in tongues was so joyous.

Baptisms at Vanimo

Indeed, it was a rewarding visit for the three of us this past two weeks.

Until next time me tumus tumus hamamas.

Pastor Darcy Ryan (RCC Brisbane)


The Brisbane Assembly has been around since the early 1970s.

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  1. Myra Russell : June 26, 2024 at 4:16 pm

    Thank you for that report, Pastor Darcy. It was very interesting and no doubt we will hear more later.

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