Port Fairy Easter Camp VIC

Have you heard of me? This was the question asked to all those that attended the Port Fairy Easter camp.

Every year, the Warrnambool assembly hosts the Easter camp that is attended by visitors from both near and far. This year, we had visitors from all around Victoria, and interstate visitors from Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.  With four days full of entertainment, uplifting conversations and the sharing of personal stories, it is most definitely worth the journey.

From the moment of arrival, the weekend was in full swing, there were opportunities to share a meal, meet new people and reconnect with old friends. Friday evening had everyone thinking about what they can thank the Lord for, but by only using one word. Peace, love, salvation, protection, truth, comfort and joy, were just some of the things people thanked God for – and what wonderful things they are.

Meetings were held each day with praises being sung, testimonies shared, the word of God preached faithfully and the saints being uplifted by one another. There was plenty of time to enjoy the coastal walks, breathe in the refreshing sea air and even spot the local wildlife.

The camp theme – Have you heard of me? – was well and truly answered by each of the speakers throughout the weekend. Those in attendance were reminded to think about their own testimony and what people have heard of them; to know the Lord’s name and to praise the Lord for he is worthy to be praised. Just like Peter walking out onto the water, if our faith waivers, the Lord is there ready to stretch out his hand and to help.

It was an absolute joy to see the young children and teenagers getting involved in the meetings, leading choruses, running a quiz, clapping and singing along. The saints were more than happy to share personal stories of their salvation or give an item for the enjoyment and uplifting of others.

As the camp drew to a close, we were reminded to look after each other and give support as needed for the Lord is coming back for His people and everyone will not only have heard of Him but will know Him in all His power and glory.


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