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Well this was a first for me but in this age of technology and with a need to be met it was the only option….and it worked out fine. One of our Sydney saints has been in touch with people over a number of years in Egypt. Several have received the Holy Spirit from within his circle of family and friends and others have also enquired further using the internet as the vehicle for communication.

One of the men had received the Holy Spirit but needed to be baptised. He is also keen to preach the Gospel within Cairo and set up a meeting somewhere to allow people to come and hear the truth according to the word of God. He has been liaising with several within the Sydney assembly for a little time by attending housemeetings via Skype and regularly communicating via Facebook etc.

The Sydney assembly even recently looked to getting him over to Australia in order for him to attend some meetings and see how they are run, learn more from being among us and attend the Queensland Rally. Unfortunately given the political problems in Egypt at the moment, the Australian Government rejected his visa application. So we will try again later.

Anyway back to the baptism…last night (Monday 23rd September) I went to the Sydney saints house and we set up a Skype session. I did the talking, we had a spiritfilled and baptised man in Egypt do the physical baptising and the Sydney saint do the translating….apart from a couple of broken Skype sessions with hurried re-connections the job was done and our new Egyptian friend has now been baptised in accordance with the Lords commandments.

Praise the Lord.

If anyone is going to Cairo anytime soon…..

God bless




Internet connection please hold!



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  1. Wonderful news, praise the Lord.

  2. Consider now from this day and upward, from the four and twentieth day of the ninth month, even from the day that the foundation of the LORD’s temple was laid, consider it.
    Haggai 2 : 18

  3. Wow! That was cool, praise the Lord. Very uplifting!

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