South Queensland Rally

Heartbeat, we all have one if we are alive. God gave man seventy or eighty years give or take, free of charge. He told man to have dominion in the world. However, mankind didn’t listen to God and went his own way – well, how has that turned out.

God gave us His Son. He loved us that much, to allow His only begotten to spill his blood to fix the problem mankind has caused.

Jesus has given those that believe “His Words”, a new heart, one that beats the Words of His Father.

Heartbeat was the theme for the 2019 Queensland Rally which was held on the Gold Coast. Ministry, testimonies, interviews and items from near and far produced a fantastic convention.

First meeting
Victor Samoilenko
Martin Murray
Ian Pask – Melbourne
The Band
Pastor Simon – Sunday Communion
Pastor Stephen McCauley – Gold Coast
Brisbane Band

The Brisbane Assembly has been around since the early 1970s.

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