Tassie 21st Night




On the 2nd of August the Hobart Youngies hosted the Tassie 21st night at the Lutana Hall


Theme for the night was the Carnival!

Brothers and Sisters from all over Tassie braved the winter night to celebrate Louise Schrank’s and  Ivan Meaclem’s 21st Birthday


Ivan Meaclem

Louise Schrank

Louise Schrank


With such things such as Balloon Animals, Fairground targets, Hoop Shots, Show Bags, Fairy Floss, and Toffee Apples there was something for everyone.

oh.. there were Dagwood Dogs!……. so many Dagwood Dogs!


DSCN0893 DSCN0894


And no Carnival worth is salt wouldn’t have a photo booth  to capture some of the costumed party goers!

IMG_9999 IMG_9981 IMG_9974 IMG_9959 IMG_0115 IMG_0079 IMG_0009


A great way to spend a cold winters night!




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