Ballarat Biggest Morning Tea

Ballarat Biggest Morning Tea

Ballarat Revival Centres Church held a Biggest Morning Tea cancer support event on 25 May.

With many people being affected by cancer, there is enthusiasm in the community to support those in such terrible circumstances.

The Revival Centres Church at Ballarat raised $907 through solid support from the community and businesses who donated to our auction and raffle. We’d like thank every person involved in helping on the day.

We want the community to know we’re not only looking to their spiritual welfare (baptism and receiving the Holy Spirit), but we’re also looking at other things that happen in our community. When people come in to our hall they can read the testimony boards and meet some of the members of our Church.

The Biggest Morning Tea is important not just in raising funds for an honourable cause, but also in being involved in the community. Almost everyone is affected by cancer – many of us know people who suffer from it. It was good that we were able to take just a little bit of time out of our day to participate in this event.


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