Fiji 50th Golden Jubilee


We’ve just concluded a wonderful long weekend of celebration at Sigatoka in Fiji.  The weekend included inspiring ministry; musical items; a dinner night; Jubilee magazine launch; pastoral appointments; group sessions for youth, parents, pastors, and women; commemorative tree planting, and an interesting interview with Pastor Vic Samoilenko and Carol who established the Revival Centres in this tropical paradise way back in 1972.

As you would expect Pastor Apenisa and his wonderful Fijian team rolled out the hospitality on so many levels. Not only were most the Fijians present from around the country, but representatives made the journey from New Zealand, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne. It was great to see the Pastor’s and wives from Auckland and Palmerston North and others from the Brisbane assembly. Pastor Martin and Jill Murray who had previously spent six months living in Fiji some years ago, were also able to participate in the celebrations.

After the weekend I was personally delighted to visit Pastor Vili in Suva who due to some health issues wasn’t able to attend the main rallies. As always he was inspiring and delight to spend time with. The local Fijian Pastors were also in attendance.

What was a wonderful time of fellowship. What an amazing fifty years of Revival in the Fijian islands.

Pastor Simon


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  1. A Wonderful 50 years

  2. John Kusemererwa : November 17, 2022 at 1:45 am

    Thank you for the great work.It is all about God by his Wonderful Holy Spirit that works all things out for the good of those who love Him and are called for his divine purpose of salvation.

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