Freshwater Creek VIC Christmas Camp

Through scorching days, windy days and cold nights with clear starry skies, saints got together at Freshwater Creek over the holiday break to celebrate the end of one year and to ring in the new. The light of the spirit shone in our hearts and minds, as was the camp theme: Shine The Light.

During the meetings, we sang, we were entertained, and we heard from pastors and elders young and old on the theme of The Light. Pr Rob, all the way from London, reminded us that the eternal is not just something to wait for in the life beyond this one, it’s something to bring into the every day.

We’re not waiting to see the glory of God, we’re bringing the glory of the eternal into our every day, temporal lives. Pr Ewan, all the way from Gippsland, reminded us that we are God’s glory on this earth. He is glorified through the salvation of the saints, our testimony is the story to tell and it’s imperative that we share that story, it’s imperative we shine that light here on earth, in the time we have. Moss Murray enlightened us all to the scientific aspects of light. The way it travels, the way it works, the way it illuminates, there were many parallels to the way God’s spirit works. It’s a fitting metaphor! We checked the science! It all checks out!

There were many more thoughts shared but of course, for many, the highlights would come from the testimonies we shared amongst ourselves, checking in on how the year rounded out for many of us. Even if 2018 wasn’t the best year, the ongoing thought throughout camp was to ‘up the ante’ for Christ in the new year: to shine our light to those who don’t know him and to shine it brighter amongst ourselves, always lifting each other up.

Between meetings we scattered. Some to the relief of an air-conditioned caravan, some to the nearby Farmer’s Place for some so-so coffee, some to the beach, some to the cake shop and some all the way down the Great Ocean Road. No shortage of sights to see down there! There was fellowship wherever you went, which is the real joy of being at a camp like Freshwater Creek.

There were many more highlights! Almost too many to name. Family Feud! The Auction! Children singing! Seinfeld! Communal BBQs! And much much more. We hope to see you all there next year where we can do it all over again. Until then, shine the light of God in your life so that His glory might be known on this earth.


The Melbourne assembly in Australia began just after World War 2. It is the headquarters for the Revival Centres Church globally. It is composed of three centres: Central (in Box Hill), Southern (in Mt Eliza) and Western (in Williamstown).

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