Malawi Assembly Tour

Eleven saints from across Australia and New Zealand journeyed across Malawi over two weeks, alongside seven saints from the Chirimba Assembly based in Blantyre. We kicked off in Blantyre at the Chirimba hall for a Youth Meeting, hearing personal stories of God working in people’s lives and energetic talks straight from the scriptures.

We pressed on to Chikwawa and Nsanje, then onto Phalombe where we were treated to rousing singing as a welcome from the local saints. These meetings included multiple items from choirs of gospel singers… they blew the roof off! There was time for people to come forward to receive the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues. Many people did just that and spoke in new tongues as the scriptures say.

From there we went onto Thyolo and Mulanje, based in the tea plantations of Malawi with rich red soil. There we enjoyed more gospel music, testimonies from locals, along with saints from Blantyre, Australia and New Zealander’s too!

The Sunday communion meeting was held at the Chirimba hall in Blantyre, a packed meeting where we heard ministry from the Bible and a chorus session that could be heard from a mile away. A meeting highlight was 6 baptisms where people were filled on the spot with the Holy Spirit and keen to live life God’s way. That afternoon on the way to the Lunzu meeting, there was a stop to see the Moringa plantation, the miracle plant that provides so much for Malawians.

We ventured north, visiting the Kalumba and Dwangwa assemblies, before reaching our most northern visit at Mzuzu. Turning back to Lilongwe, we visited the Kasungu assembly for a small gathering where more people received the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. After the Mkalema meeting, there was an officers meeting, gathering Pastors from surrounding assemblies, some from Mozambique for Bible Study and questions. We were also encouraged by another 11 baptisms in the local creek. Our last meeting was an active communion meeting in Chimbiya, Dedza. Here we had another massive meeting with music, items, prayer, ministry and personal accounts of God working in peoples lives. A terrific way to cap off a wonderful tour of Malawi. Very encouraging to see revival underway in Malawi, with people excited to tell others about what God is doing in their lives.


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  1. Johnson noah amiluan : April 6, 2023 at 9:49 am

    Godbless you all saints for the spiritual investment down in Malawi 1:Corinthians:5:3

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