Malawi Visit Report

A delegation of 10 people from the Revival Centres Church in Australia embarked on a 12 day visit to Malawi to provide assistance to many of our churches now established there. Our delegation included Gilbert Nayna, John Nayna, Darren Deguigne, Glenn and Lorilea Duker, Tahlia Harris, Justine Lynzaat, Graham Downs and Peter & Rita Salafia. Our journey started in Melbourne on Tuesday 31 July 2018 with a flight to Perth where we were able to spend several hours with the brethren there having a wonderful time of fellowship. Pastor Trevor and the saints were very excited to hear about the work in Malawi and how much good work is already being done to proclaim the gospel.

We arrived in Blantyre (Malawi) on Wednesday 1 August via a brief stopover in Johannesburg. Pastor Nelson Mbewe (the Principal Pastor of Malawi) and several brothers and sisters were there to greet us. After a quick stop to drop our bags off at the hotel we headed straight into a youth meeting at the Chirimba hall (the main centre in Blantyre). A great time of encouragement was had by all with items, preaching, baptisms and people being filled with the Holy Spirit in the prayer line. Following the meeting there was a presentation of 5 bicycles and many bibles to the local and visiting pastors to provide much assistance in the work in their respective areas. We based ourselves in Blantyre for 5 nights with daily visits to various assemblies that fell within a 3 – 4 hour return trip radius as planned by John and Gilbert Nayna.

Thursday 2 August saw us head off to Nsanje where we enjoyed 2 meetings with encouraging ministry, several baptisms with many others also receiving the Holy Spirit. Friday 3 August we headed off to Mulanje for 2 meetings plus an officers’ meeting. All who attended were greatly encouraged. Saturday 4 August was the day the 4 ladies in our group hosted a fellowship morning for several of the sisters from the Chirimba assembly. The men in our group attended another officers’ meeting in the morning with our whole delegation being involved in a well organised outreach conducted not far from the main hall.

Sunday 5 August we were back at the Chirimba assembly for the communion meeting in the morning. We squeezed in a quick visit to the new hall foundation that has been laid only a few hundred metres from their existing hall. The growth in Chirimba dictates that a new hall must be built. It was extremely encouraging to see the brethren taking the necessary steps to ensure this growth can (and will be) sustained well into the future. They are very much in our prayers with this new venture. We then travelled to Lunzu in the afternoon to visit the assembly there and participate in their communion meeting; again with multiple baptisms and people being wonderfully filled with the Holy Spirit.

On Monday 6 August we departed Blantyre in a 21 seater bus with Pastors Mbewe and Dickson. Several of the youth leadership group as well as several sisters also came along for the ride. It goes without saying that travelling with the youth leadership group was extremely rewarding (and fun too!). We travelled to the Shire (pronounced as Shirree) River for a river cruise on our way to Lake Malawi for a well-earned rest day.

On the way we called in to see a new assembly at Zomba where again we witnessed many receive the Holy Spirit and a woman who was unable to speak a word received the Holy Spirit and was marvelously blessed as result. Following our visit there were 30 more baptisms that weekend. We then visited the Dwangwa assembly for a meeting where we were blessed to witness more baptisms and people being filled with the Holy Spirit. Another presentation of bicycles and bibles followed with much enthusiasm from the local saints.

Wednesday 8 August we travelled to Chinteche for our second rest day. The next morning (Thursday 9 August) saw the baptism of our bus driver Albert who had witnessed first-hand all of the great things we had been experiencing during the past 6 days. Following the baptism we headed off to Mzuzu for two meetings followed by an officers’ meeting. Friday 10 August we headed off to Lilongwe with a quick call-in to another small meeting on the way. More baptisms and the pouring out of the Holy Spirit were becoming an all-too-common experience and we were all blessed to be part of this extraordinary journey!

Saturday 11 August we visited the Dedza assembly for another church and officers’ meeting. More bicycles and bibles were presented to pastors from near and far to assist them in their very demanding (yet rewarding) work. Sunday 12 August we attended the communion meeting at a village located a couple of hours drive from Lilongwe. More bicycles and bibles were presented here followed by several baptisms of which one was Pastor Nelson Mbewe’s own brother!

We enjoyed a great time of fellowship with our Malawian brethren over dinner that night.  A tearful farewell (for most) followed as we departed Lilongwe on Monday 13 August. A wonderful time of encouragement and solid fellowship was experienced by all of us during this trip. We considered ourselves extremely fortunate to have been provided with such an opportunity and will continue to reap the benefits within our own spiritual walks for many years to come.

It must be said that such a trip would not have been possible without the 18 – 24 months of forward planning undertaken by John and Gilbert Nayna. Much of the pre-planning phase is done by Gilbert. Having taken part in this trip it is plainly obvious that this was very much a case of good planning equals good outcomes!
The whole delegation was very moved by this experience and I am certain that there will be a majority who will wish to return to this wonderful fellowship.


There are Revival Centres in many parts of the world - some in third-world countries. Stories here target visits to our "Missions". All of our missions are completely run by locals, with occasional visits from people from other parts of the world.

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