Melbourne Youngies – Battle of the Bands

Melbourne Youngies - Battle of the Bands

To some it’s a night to show off your talent, to others it’s a night for some good entertainment; whatever your view this ‘Battle of the Bands’ was a great night!

The music was loud, the crowd was vibrant and both teams, Power and Ignite, had to bring out the big guns (figuratively speaking) in terms of musical acts for the night. It started with The Big Ray singing his testimony, quite poetic in some points and well worth the listen. Following Ray, an honourable mention to the McKenna’s. What a duo of pure talent! Writing and performing songs seems to be a favourite pastime for these two Ballarat kids!

A few more acts of great vocal talent were followed by another highlight of the night which was the one and only Sam Lynzaat and his stand-up comedy routine.

The night went on with more singing, Christian songs, covers and then the moment Team Power was waiting for, their big team song! A rat in the ranks had let the cat out of the bag that they were performing The Lion King stage production song ‘He Lives In You’ complete with learning what sounded like an African language and props from the good old ‘Don’t Knock Noah’ days; their song wowed the crowd. Well done team Power!

Ignite’s team song was not a let down either with their performance of an original song written by the wordsmith Yaz. He skilfully created a song to captivate not only the musically inclined, but even the tone deaf. Good work Ignite!

Reports going round ‘The Box’ at the Sunday meeting said; this was one of the best Battle of The Bands due to the amazing talent that had been uncovered and the large variety of acts! Fantastic effort by all and I’m sure the young people look forward to taking this on the road to encourage the Ballarat assembly.




Melbourne Youngies are the youth group of the Revival Centres Church in Melbourne; covering all three assemblies in Melbourne: Central, Southern and Western.

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