Melbourne Youngies Formal


The night of nights for the Young People of the Revival Centres International in Melbourne was held on Saturday night. ‘The Formal!’

Anybody who is anybody walked down the red carpet at the Red Scooter to camera flashes and yahoos as the style, fashion and class of all attendees was top notch.

Canapés and drinks were served on arrival; once everyone was seated the usual formalities began with a speech from the elders of the church. The main message being, remember what you have. AKA God is awesome and we should never forget the amazing gift we have been given.
Awards were presented to the winners of the events throughout the year. It was neck and neck the whole way, the competition between Sorted and Vision was intense during the year and it showed when the awards were being handed out. An honourable mention goes to the team of Bruce (Eternal) from Geelong/Country Victoria for taking home the coveted Y factor award.

A night like this where everyone spends way too much time on their hair… Axel… Of course wouldn’t be complete without a good old ‘fashion- off’. The Ken and Barbie awards went to the ‘hot’ Galem Bouwhuis and the beautiful Ebony Santin, each taking home a golden man statue to commemorate the evening.

To cap the night off, the years winning team was announced. It was a shock victory that left even Pastor Simon presenting the award asking again who had won overall. The 2013 winners of the Shield of Faith went to the team of SORTED! Mightily lead by captain Camden, newly engaged Luke and also Yaz the funny man. The young team deserved the victory and were modest when collecting their prize. A special thanks to Evan and his band for the upbeat and pumping songs, the music as it really livened up another great formal. Looking forward to another amazing year in 2014 and all the blessings God will deliver to those who trust in Him.

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Melbourne Youngies are the youth group of the Revival Centres Church in Melbourne; covering all three assemblies in Melbourne: Central, Southern and Western.

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