Melbourne Youngies Formal

On Saturday, the Melbourne Youngies Formal of 2023 was held at the Mornington Racecourse, an event that celebrates the achievements of Youngies throughout the year and acts as a send-off for the group while wearing their smartest attire and getting to eat some fancy cuisine.

The event was also supported by parents of Youngies, Pastors, Elders, and general members of the Revival Centres Church.

During the night, ‘The Shield of Faith’ was awarded to the Youngies team who won the most events in 2023, with the team of ‘Samson’ just beating ‘Gideon’ with a top-shelf music video clinching them victory for the first time since the teams were reintroduced in 2021, ending a two-year Gideon winning streak.

Individual awards were also handed out through the night with Aiden and Tayla winning the Best-Dressed of the night. Paul won the ‘Sports Award’ for his performances in the multiple sports nights throughout the year. Ryan claimed the ‘Innovation Award’ for his role in the Murder Mystery Night and The ARISE Summit.

The most coveted individual awards, the ‘Joshua’ and ‘Deborah’, given to both a male and female who display dedication and enthusiasm throughout the year. The new names on the plaque of each award were Blake and Milly. A big congratulations to all our winners for the year.

The night isn’t all business, with plenty of fun also to be had. The team movies were premiered on the night, and while at times confusing, both teams delivered plenty of laughs with their skits and music videos. The music for the night featured a variety of old, new, sing-along, and dance-themed tunes, mixed by none other than Pastor Sylvio Hennequin, who served as the DJ.

The weekend concluded with Youngies running the first meeting at the Peninsula Revival meeting at Somerville on Sunday, with the ministry and worship from their peers. A group afternoon tea and some wise words from Pastor Justin Lloyd was what called an end for another ‘Youngies Year’.

A big thanks to everyone who supported Youngies in 2023. We look forward to building our presence in the church in 2024 and to continue walking the path with God and the Holy Spirit leading us in the right direction.


Melbourne Youngies are the youth group of the Revival Centres Church in Melbourne; covering all three assemblies in Melbourne: Central, Southern and Western.

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