RCI London Gears Up!

Today I had the opportunity of catching the Sunday meeting in Pimlico, which isn’t far from downtown London. This area is close to the famous Big Ben on the banks of the Thames.

With a few visitors from Australia, and some quality imports into the area, Robbie and Pam are keen to start some summer-time outreaching in Hyde Park at Speakers corner. This was always an ambition that Pastor Lloyd had for the assembly in London! What a great opportunity, especially in summer!

For most of the year Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, and the West End of London, are awash with people from many countries, all looking for something? It’s an extraordinary place with surges of folk heading from one place to another. It’s constantly changing as various buskers and street spruikers have their moment of influence on the whosoever. There’s no other place quite like it!

In the midst of this sea of humanity, I watched a solitary preacher standing on a chair, holding a Bible and quoting verses that we all know! I don’t know what he truly believed, but I do know the quoted words that he said were true and righteous! His street banners were succinct!

He was largely ignored, treated with disdain, and generally seen as irrelevant or perhaps just plain weird! This seething mass of humanity in it’s collective haste to get somewhere or maybe just nowhere, just seemed to flow around him … like he didn’t exist! Not one person even managed a sideways glance! Watching this did then, and still sits, heavy with me!

I felt I should help him, but the crowd riptide pulled me along and away. I thought what a champion he was! What an example of swimming against the tide! What incredible determination!

RCI, that championed swimming against the tide, must never tread water!

God Bless

Pastor Simon







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  1. Steve Milliken : August 1, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    Hey PS, You reminded me of a time back in the early 90’s when I was in Orange NSW, in my lunch time I sat and watched about 6-8 Exclusive Brethren step forward one by one preaching verses from the Bible and not one person stopped to listen and all walked around and past them as if they didn’t exist, because I was listening to them preach one old fella approached me and I was able to preach the TRUTH with PROOF to him 🙂 sad to say but the world has been ‘ sold a pup ‘ for a long time now and perhaps this type of witnessing has it limitations, but saying that the Word does not go out VOID no matter what we do to promote the Word of God. PTL

  2. Lovely, more pics pls. Thanks

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