Sisters In Spirit Melbourne

The Sisters in the Spirit afternoon tea took place last Saturday at Box Hill, drawing around 50 women for an afternoon of fellowship, refreshments, and spiritual upliftment.

The event featured a spread of freshly baked scones, accompanied by a variety of teas and coffees, setting the perfect environment for conversations and making connections. Among the attendees were a couple of newcomers, alongside a group of ladies who had travelled from Geelong to be part of the gathering.

The event provided a platform for attendees to meet new people, get to know others better, and foster intergenerational mingling. Testimonies and favourite scriptures were shared in small groups, aiming to uplift and encourage one another. It wasn’t all talking; some light-hearted games were played too, including a notable one to determine the most adventurous among the group, which resulted in a tie between Kristin and Heather.

This was the second, and highly successful, Sisters in the Spirit afternoon tea hosted at Box Hill. The ladies are very much looking forward to the next one!


The Melbourne assembly in Australia began just after World War 2. It is the headquarters for the Revival Centres Church globally. It is composed of three centres: Central (in Box Hill), Southern (in Mt Eliza) and Western (in Williamstown).

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