Toowoomba Outreach

Around 100 people from Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast assemblies went west over the 11th – 12th of November for the Toowoomba outreach weekend to speak to people about why they should love God – not religion.

The outreach weekend kicked off Saturday lunchtime with tables set up at Grand Central Shopping Centre. Bright signage challenged people to ‘love God – not religion’ and ‘Ask us why’. People asked our keen participants who were ready to speak to anyone who had questions.

Down the other end of city area, at the Queens Park playground area, children were laughing, climbing, and running around. Their families catching up with friends before venturing out through the park with a handful of pamphlets to speak to people about loving God and not religion.

Music is always the great attractor. When Kim and Anastasia Denning, Brendon Backx, Martin and Jill Murray, and Ally Waria started singing, sharing testimonies and Jesus’s gospel through songs, people wandered over. Another perfect opportunity to speak to people about God’s word.

Supper – a great opportunity for fellowship, encouragement, to share testimonies and food. Saturday night didn’t disappoint… the room was buzzing as around 50 people came together, chatting, laughing and eating.

Before the 1:30pm Sunday meeting, some of our people went back to Queens Park, pamphlets in hand to talk to people. A man with a coffee cart asked some of our people to be in a photo to help market his business – he received the Holy Spirit. Another man started asking questions and came to the Sunday meeting. It didn’t stop there.

At the Sunday meeting, while people shared their testimonies and Pastor Justin Kells spoke about the difference between religion and what the Lord has given us to around 100 attendees, another man was being encouraged from God’s word just outside.

The Toowoomba meeting folk would like to thank everyone for coming to the Toowoomba outreach weekend and we look forward to next year’s event.


We are the Revival Centre Church in Toowoomba and are part of the Brisbane assembly. We are small and geographically spread out. Four saints are in Toowoomba, one is an hour east in Fairney Vale, one is an hour south in Warwick, and an amazing little family of 4 in Goondiwindi – around 2.5 hours west.


The Brisbane Assembly has been around since the early 1970s.

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