Whangaehu NZ Christmas Camp

Camp Whangaehu, situated in the North Island of New Zealand hosted 200+ people for the RCC Christmas get-together. The camp started off cold and wet, which gave us the opportunity to get to know each other in close proximity, however when the sun eventually came out, the Youngies gladly discovered the beach.

While the meetings and fellowship were second to none, our New Years Eve event was the eye opener of the camp, where we stepped out of our comfort zones and did something completely different. The night started with Nutella Dessert Pizza’s followed by an evening stroll down to the beach where a bonfire and marshmallows awaited us. We sang choruses around the camp fire; heard highlights from the year and sang along to Steve Rowe songs. The night came to a close when we all sang Glory Glory (since I lay my burden down) and at midnight that’s exactly what we did. The scripture at the front of our minds was, “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”

We closed camp with a testimony night where we shared personal stories of overcoming and coming into contact with the ever living God.


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