Wyangala Dam Camping Weekend


The annual Dubbo and Mudgee assembly retreat at Wyangala Dam was enjoyed by all over the past weekend. With the theme being ‘unity’, we took encouragement from scripture and conversation with one another. We were reminded of the wonderful relationship we each have with God and how we can work together to build each other up spiritually. Here are the accounts of the weekend from a couple of the children.


On the weekend we got to go camping. We saw lots of kangaroos and animals. We didn’t see many fish. I got to take my walkie talkies and they were a big help to us. It took 3 hours to drive there. There were so many kids to play with. I played soccer with some mates at night time in the tin hall. My favourite thing was seeing a fox chasing some rabbits late at night when we went for a walk with the torches. I hope we get to go back there again. It was great!

Riley McCauley, 8 years.

On the weekend I went to the dam. I went swimming and got to sleep in our caravan. We did all sorts of fun things. We even got to play a game of frogs. My favourite part was playing with all of my favourite friends. We got to stay up late. I can’t wait to go again.

Orlando McCauley, 6 years.


All are welcome next year for an even better time. Camp booked for November 8,9 and 10th 2019 at Wyangala Dam. Campsites (powered and unpowered), cabins, cottages and bungalows all available. Hope to see you there.


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