Bellarine Fancy Dress

The Bellarine Assembly, based in Geelong Victoria, had their annual Fancy Dress and the theme this year was ‘Cartoons’. We were treated to an incredible feast of winter warming casseroles and desserts. There was a celebration of assorted milestone birthdays of members of the assembly.

Super fun games including Heads or Tails was won by Mel Vistarini and Ellowyn Humphris & Tabitha Nelson were winners at Musical Chairs; guess the Disney theme song was dominated by the teenage girls table.

There were fantastic costumes from both adults and children. A special mention went to Will Morris’s Pixar costume and Pastor Ryan Parker-Hill’s Homer Simpson. There were awesome decorations, some classic cartoons playing on the big screen (Tom & Jerry), a Frozen sing-a-long led on stage by Elsa (Ruby Vistarini) and some very catchy cartoon themed music playing all night. Big thanks to Lee Humphris (Mike Wazowski) for hosting. Really fun night!


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