Melbourne Youngies Formal

The luscious golf green, bright blue skies, all in the breeze of a balmy summers night. Such was the scene set for a night of celebration and reflection as Melbourne Youngies got together for their annual Formal.

For the final shebang of the year, Melbourne Youngies got together at the Eastern Golf Club for food, festivity and formalities. Smiles were bright, cameras were flashing. We were lucky enough to be joined by a few interstaters. I mean, with a night as glam as this it’s really no surprise they’d come from as far as Townsville, Adelaide, Tasmania and even New Zealand! All frocked up and ready to celebrate, we were treated to a veritable smorgasbord of fine dining, the finest Chirnside Park has to offer. Some were treated to the beef, some the chicken or perhaps for some the dessert was the highlight. A pastry laden with fruit and pistachio, topped with cream! Can you imagine!?

Throughout the night we were entertained by the sultry jazzy tones of the house band featuring Amy Christian. They pulled out some classics and standards that let us all feel a little fancier than we actually are. Jed Burrows sang for us all, it was delightful. Also Matt Harty belted some bold karaoke Buble, also thrilling.

Awards were given throughout the night to acknowledge the efforts of those who went above and beyond in the enthusiasm and the joy they brought to youth activities throughout the year.

As this was the first year without teams, the illustrious Shield of Faith didn’t go to a team but instead to two particular people who always turned up and were raring to go. Maddie Duker and J.P Nayna! Congratulations! Choosing those two individuals couldn’t have been easy. A huge thanks, of course, must be extended to all our youngies. For all those who show up, who eat the supper, who ask important questions, who play sports, who bake and paint and make a mess: thank you for being a part of the RCC youth and making it all it can be. We all owe this time to each other and it’s a joy and a privilege to be a part of this family with you all.

Another thank you goes out to Alex Pal and Axel Vanderstadt who run the whole thing. Making sure we have places to go and games to play, they’re always ready with the next idea. What a blessing it is to be a part of youth that is helmed so enthusiastically.

The final thought of the night, given by Pr Simon – the man himself – was to consider that of all people, it is us, God’s spirit-filled Church, who have the most cause to celebrate life. So celebrate it, we did. And we’ll continue to do so in to the new year, filled with a bright new hope of what’s to come! See you all again next year!


Melbourne Youngies are the youth group of the Revival Centres Church in Melbourne; covering all three assemblies in Melbourne: Central, Southern and Western.

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