Newcastle Pirate Night

Ahoy there matey! The Salty Sea Dog Inn was the venue for a pirate gathering last Saturday night at the Revival Centres Church hall in Newcastle! People had been previously assigned a specific character therefore dressing and acting that part. From the Grand Governor’s family to the captains, pirates, sailors and townsfolk all the participants got into the act wholeheartedly! …and there was a mysterious murder to be solved.

Amongst the hilarity of the evening, Captain “Merciless Morgan”(Pastor Marty Pree) was found stabbed – with copious amounts of tomato sauce as evidence. So who had done this dastardly deed??? Everyone had a motive with many twists and turns to this mystery. However, it was eventually revealed that “Sealegs Sam” (Pastor Mark Wade) was the culprit and walking the plank to a sea of roving sharks was his fate!! Shiver me timbers!! … what a great night of fun had by church members and visitors alike. Aaargh!!


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